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The Mayfield Fund sponsors the Mayfield Fellows Program. It includes two schools, Stanford and University of California at Berkley. The program is run to connect the business departments with the engineering departments at each school. It includes a curriculum of intense course work, summer internship, and networking. They give students the tools needed in leadership, creativity, and innovation, to be great entrepreneurs. It is open to only the top twelve engineering and business graduate students at each school. Students work with faculty, company executives, and venture capitalists to study and enhance their entrepreneurial skills. Students also gain hands on experience by working a twelve-week internship with a Mayfield start-up or portfolio companies that are associated with the program. They work with top executives to gain real world knowledge from learning from one another.

Course Work 

The students in the fellowship work for and with many of the Mayfield Fund's start-up companies. Students complete work with case studies, networking events, and management skills. Students also receive a paid internship for the summer working with the start-up companies that are supported by the Mayfeild Fund. Many students have the opportunity to meet with senior level mentors and venture capitalists. 

The Mayfield Fund

The Mayfield Fund is a multi-national venture capital firm that has over $3 Billion under management. They invest in many Mobile, Cloud/Saas, Social, Energy, and Big Data technologies. Many great things have come out of The Mayfield Fund both in technology and business.