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Enactus (previously known as Student In Free Enterprise - SIFE)  believes investing in students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. Enactus is a nonprofit organization of students, and business and academic leaders that aim to use entrepreneurship to change the lives of people around the world for the better. As a part of Enactus, students travel the world, going to underprivileged communities and inspiring others to be a part of their own success stories by helping them develop business and leadership skills. 

Students form teams on their university campus under guidance of a faculty advisor and business experts. These teams plan and work on socio-economic outreach projects while gaining an important perspective and leadership skills. These student groups undertake projects with the goal of improving the quality of life of the community members they work with and creating a path to sustainable human progress. Enactus holds annual competitions on the regional, national, and global scales for student teams to showcase their projects to their peers and be judged by faculty contributors and business professionals.

In addition to students, Enactus also has over 500 corporate, organization and individual partners that contribute and help make student projects possible. 


"To enable progress through entrepreneurial action." 

For a broader understanding of what Enactus seeks to do, watch this short video:

Our Story | Enactus

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Enactus enables access to global resources and business partners from different industries. Students get a chance to talk and relate with global student leaders and business tycoons, which can one day turn into business ventures or recruitment opportunities. 

There are absolutely no dues or fees involved for participation. Enactus does requires a faculty advisor and, once identified, students start their own team. There is no restriction to only engineering or technology major students, it is open to all majors. Teams can be as big or as small as the students desire, and can range in educational background to fit with project needs. 

Partners and Donors

With 550 companies, orgnaizations, and individuals contributing to their cause, Enactus has the largest network of global business and higher education partners in the world, including the following:

  • KPMG
  • Walmart & Sam's Club
  • Unilever
  • Dell
  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • PepsiCo
  • Harmony
  • Campbell's
  • Hershey's
  • HSBC
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • The  Home Depot

World Cup

This is your invitation to experience ideas into action with present and future world leaders over three unforgettable days of competition, collaboration and celebration.Teams from different schools compete internationally in what Enactus has coined the "World Cup." First, each team must compete at the national level. Projects are judged by business leaders and additional sponsors on the impact that each project has. The judging criteria are summarized in "considering the relevant economic, social and environmental factors, which Enactus team most effectively empowered people in need by applying business and economic concepts and an entrepreneurial approach to improve their quality of life and standard of living." The winning team of the national championship is invited to compete globally in the Enactus World Cup. The World Cup has held annually in a different country across the world. 

Past Winners of the World Cup:

  • 2017 - Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies
  • 2016 - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • 2015 - University of Southampton
  • 2014  -North China Electric Power Univerity 
  • 2013 - Technical University Munich
  • 2012 - Belmont University
  • 2011 - University of Regensburg
  • 2010 - French University in Egypt (UFE)
  • 2009 - French University in Egypt (UFE)
  • 2008 - Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • 2007 - La Sierra University
  • 2006 - Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
  • 2005 - University of Zimbabwe
  • 2004 - Curtin University of Technology
  • 2003 - Drury University
  • 2002 - La Sierra University
  • 2001 - Drury University


Enactus also allows the collaboration between businesses and students. Businesses are able to fund or sponsor a specific project (not competing in the Enactus World Cup) that the students are asked to solve and work on. 

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

  • Development of leadership skills
  • Building a strong network
  • Gain real world experience
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Opportunity to make a meaningful difference in communities
  • Publicity for students and universities with competing teams

Campus and Community Impacts:

Projects can benefit any community that the university team chooses, whether it is a local community or a community abroad.

  • Community members receive training in business and leadership, often resulting in the creation or improvement of a local business
  • Students develop professional skills
  • Students expand their own knowledge of business and entreprenurial principles


Enactus is active in 36 countries and 1700 universities worldwide, creating a network of 72,000 student volunteers and over 500 corporate, organization, and individual partners. Together they have impacted over 1.3 million people across the globe.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

In order to start a chapter of Enactus at your university a student or faculty member must contact the organization directly to register.  Once approved, Enactus will provide training, resources, and opportunities to start making a difference. Students will work closely with a faculty sponsor at their university to receive guidance in the realms of busines professionalism and project development and management.

Contact Information

To create a team visit: or, email 

Enactus World Headquarters:
1959 East Kerr Street
Springfield, Missouri USA 65803
(417) 831-9505

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