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                       Developer Student Clubs. Developer Student Clubs (DSC) is a Google Developers program for university students to learn mobile and webdevelopment skills. The clubs will be open to anystudent, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to further their skill.

                 There are APIs offered for almost all of Google's popular consumer products, like Google maps, Google earth, Adsense, Adwords, Google Apps and Youtube.

                  The Google Developer Experts program initially started in Japan as the Google Developer API Expert program. In July 2012 Google renamed it to Google Developers Expert program and making it available to developers around the world. In 2014 the official Google Developers Expert site started referring to the program as Google Developer Experts.

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Google offers a variety of APIs, mostly web APIs for web developers. The APIs are based on popular Google consumer products, including Google MapsGoogle EarthAdSenseAdwordsGoogle Apps and YouTube.

Google Data APIs

The Google Data APIs allow programmers to create applications that read and write data from Google services. Currently, these include APIs for Google AppsGoogle AnalyticsBloggerGoogle BaseGoogle Book SearchGoogle CalendarGoogle Code SearchGoogle EarthGoogle SpreadsheetsGoogle Notebook, and Picasa Web Albums.

Ajax APIs

Google's Ajax APIs let a developer implement rich, dynamic websites entirely in JavaScript and HTML. A developer can create a map to a site, a dynamic search box, or download feeds with just a few lines of JavaScript.

Ads APIs

The AdSense and AdWords APIs, based on the SOAP data exchange standard, allow developers to integrate their own applications with these Google services. The AdSense API allows owners of websites and blogs to manage AdSense sign-up, content and reporting, while the AdWords API gives AdWords customers programmatic access to their AdWords accounts and campaigns.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

Google Developers Training is very useful to the students. They can learn and grow as a developer with their educational resorce and certification exams.They provied many courses to learn. They provied Andriod, Web development, Tech Entrepreneur, through online. Students can do this from their place.

Andriod: Whether you're new to programming or an experienced developer, we have a range of courses to teach you Android development, from getting started to optimizing app performance.The courses in Android Development for Beginners:

1.ANDROID BASICS; 2.USE INPUT; 3.MULTI-SCREEN APPS; 4. NETWORKING; 5.DATA STORAGE  For more information follow the link-

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

These include academic clubs, honor societies, liturgical organizations, multicultural organizations, political organizations, performing arts, fraternity and sorority life, service organizations, and more! If you are interested in joining a club or an organization, or are hoping to start one of your own that you haven’t been able to find, or looking for information on a club or organization to which you already belong, here is some information to assist you. 

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

'1.    'Talk to your administrators

'2.  ' Talk to your counseling center and see what resources are available

'3.  ' Partner with a student organization that is doing the work you want to do

'4.  ' Start a campus organization

'5.   Host a NEDA walkor a 'NEDA awareness week event

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