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Design Factory Global Network (DFGN) is a network of innovation hubs in universities and research organisations in five continents of the world. DFGN is on a mission to create change in the world of learning and research through passion-based culture and effective problem solving. Shared understanding and common ways of working enable Design Factories in the network to collaborate efficiently across cultures, time zones and organisational boundaries fostering radical innovations.

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All Design Factories are created to drive change in the local context, whether it is hosted by a university or a research institution

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Becoming a member of the DFGN allows universities and research institutions to focus on their local interests with the support of a global network. The global partnerships open up opportunities for cross-continental collaborations.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

All the design factories have initiatives that serve as platforms for co-creation at the intersection of industry, students and research. There are initiatives like Design Thinking Courses or the Product Development Project (PDP) courses that are aimed at students who are interested in product development of investment or consumer goods. Students get to develop innovative services and products to solve challenges posed by industry. Students get to create products by going through the various stages of product development.

Aside from educational initiatives, all design factories provide access to their global network of various factories around the globe. Some factories also provide innovative spaces for prototyping, having meetings or lectures and for flexible working.

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

DFGN has partners at eleven sites on five different continents. 

  • Aalto Design Factory, Helsinki, Finland
  • Aalto-Tongji Design Factory, Shanghai, China
  • Swinburne Design Factory, Melbourne, Australia
  • Duoc Design Factory, Santiago, Chile
  • IdeaSquare CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Design Factory Korea, Seoul, Korea
  • Porto Design Factory, Porto, Portugal
  • Philadelphia University Nexus Design Factory, Philadelphia, USA
  • Frisian Design Factory, the Netherlands
  • Riga Technical University Design Factory, Latvia
  • Pace University, New York, USA

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

For more information about creating a design factory on your own campus, contact Viljami Lyytikäinen at

Contact Information

DFGN has a small team in Aalto University looking after the development of the network.

Viljami Lyytikäinen
Design Factory Global Network

Päivi Oinonen
Design Factory Global Network

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