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Creativity Foundation was founded in the 21st century and inspired by Benjamin Franklin and his curiosity about knowledge and science. This group seeks out people with talent, dedication, and creativity who want to give back to the community. Creativity Foundation encourages the creativity of the future leaders of America and the world. The Junto, meaning “to join” is a group Benjamin Franklin created that proceeded to create revolutionary pamphlets that were not hindered by bureaucracies such as politics or religion. This inspired the foundation to endorse two main programs that promoted innovation, namely the Laureate program and the Legacy Prize. The Laureate program, which began in 2002, recognizes exemplary and distinguished individuals who push for interdisciplinary innovations and endeavors. The Legacy Prize allows the recognition of a young and talented group of students in areas of science, arts and humanities, and entrepreneurship. Students are selected by participating schools and awarded for their innovative aspirations and impeccable public service attitudes.


The purpose of this organization is to encourage creativity and innovation in individuals who want to make a positive difference in the world. They also believe in the potential the youth has to create and design monumental ideas and recognize a group of students that do so.

Distinct Differences from Other Offerings

This foundation recognizes the individual dreams and long term goals of those who are motivated by innovation. They annually acknowledge these individuals in the national headquarters of Washington D.C for their accomplishments.

The Laureate Program: This program is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C where a ceremony is held to award the winner and encourage advocating dialogues with the audience. After this award ceremony, the winner is also invited to the Creativity Round, a recorded discussion of imaginative ideas, where they are introduced to the Legacy winners and the Junto members to compile case studies that will eventually be available to the public.

The Legacy Prize: Benjamin Franklin Silver medal awards have been given out to students annually since 1793 from the funds of the Legacy foundation. Originally these awards were given out to Boston students but the foundation has since expanded to high schools, universities, and service organizations. The institutions that help in the selection process are: The Intel Science Talent Search, The Friends of National History Day, Harvard University, Duke Ellington School of The Arts, Longy School of Music, and The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance. The winners are awarded in Washington D.C and participate in the Creativity Round Table mentioned above.

Impact Achieved for Students and Campus

Students cannot receive this award by applying through the Creativity Foundation. This award is nominated by individuals who believe that the selected student has a true passion for humanity, a bright mind, and an imaginative spirit that is required for designing and delivering ventures.

Steps Needed to Bring Resource to Campus

Contact an administrator for more information.

Figure out if there could be a contract of sorts that can be drafted. 

Contact Information


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Address: Creativity Foundation

112 Bailey Road

Watertown, MA 02472

617-744-6530 email:

 Laurie Kahn, Chair

Susan Centofanti, Director