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The technology industry continues to be one of the largest growing industries today’s market. Jobs in the STEM technology fields are currently facing some of the lowest unemployment rates out of any industry. However, despite this booming growth only 4% of Black and Latino students are studying computer science today. An independent study reported that only 1 out of 14 technical employees in the technological hub of Silicon Valley is black or Latino. Being that the year 2040 is expected to be a year in which the U.S. will become a country separated by majority and minority distinctions, there is a great need to see a shift in the number of minorities represented in his booming industry.                                                                      


CODE2040 is an effort to close the gap between talented students who lack the resources for the exposure to top opportunities. During the summer fellows training program high performing minority software engineering students are able to conduct internships with top tech companies. This experience allows students the opportunity to be provided with mentorship, leadership training, and network development building the platform to showcase skills. Grooming competitive computing innovators is a necessity if we are to have any type of impact on the achievement, skills, and wealth gaps that exist in the United States.



Distinct Differences from Other Offerings

CODE2040 places students directly into one of the largest booming technology centers to receive first-hand mentorship for from companies which show a great deal of innovation.


Summer Fellowship

This interactive 10-week program for computer science students focuses on mentorship, leadership training, and network development. Students are able to witness the skills that will make them a powerhouse in the technology industry while working closely on high-priority projects with our supporting partners.


Impact Achieved for Students and Campus

The presence of CODE2040 on campus will ensure the proper guidance of computer science majors throughout their matriculation. While obtaining the knowledge necessary to succeed in the tech industry minority students will be exposed to resources and skills necessary to compete. The entrepreneurial innovation launched behind well-trained students will lead to a direct shift in a culture to succeed.


Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus   

In order to begin your development as a fellow apply at

Application deadline: Round 1: November 10th

                                   Round 2: February 9th

Contact Information

CODE2024 can be reached through link on website