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Big Beacon is a new national movement to transform engineering education founded by engineering professors David Goldberg and Mark Somerville, Ph.D. Big Beacon works to connect individuals and organizations with shared interests in making necessary change to how engineers are made. Big Beacon makes use of various platforms to share ideas and encourage conversations between engineering education stakeholders. 

Big Beacon Volunteer Spotlight - Meagan Pollock


Big Beacon's Manifesto serves as a guide to what a modern engineer needs to be, how engineering education can create unleash the potential of students and how to "rewire" education to better prepare engineering students. The Manifesto guides the activities of Big Beacon and addresses many commonly shared ideas of the engineering education stakeholders.

Weekly Twitter Chats

Big Beacon uses weekly Twitter chats as a mechanism for sharing ideas and connecting individuals. Topics of Twitter chats vary week to week. Occasionally special guests participate in the Twitter chats giving participants the opportunity to connect with people that can offer support to help transform education.

Twitter chats are regularly held on Wednesday evenings and a Twitter account is all that is needed to participate.

How to get involved or get support

Beyond participating in the weekly Twitter chat, students can contact anyone from Big Beacon to get in touch with other individuals or organizations working on common goals.

Individuals can also subscribe to Big Beacon email newsletter to stay updated on Big Beacon's activities.


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