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ASEE is a non-profit based in D.C dedicated to promoting and improving engineering and engineering technology education. ASEE is a large organization with more than 12,000 members, including deans, department heads, faculty members, students, and government. Since its founding in 1893, ASEE has made tremendous strides in academic excellence by establishing a plethora of programs and policies create innovative opportunities for members of the engineering field. Some additional information you can find in the video by clicking on this link.


ASEE has stated that their purpose is to foster "the advancement of education in all of its functions which pertain to engineering and allied branches of science and technology, including the processes of teaching and learning, counseling, research, extension services and public relations."

The ASEE's mission to further education in engineering and engineering technology is executed through various methods:

  • by promoting excellence in instruction, research, public service, and practice
  • exercising worldwide leadership
  • fostering the technological education of society
  • providing quality products and service to its members


The ASEE was formed with the idea that engineering should focus on basic and necessary fundamental scientific and mathematical principles as an approach to engineering education.

ASEE defines engineering education as "the full academic spectrum of instruction, research, scholarship, practice, and service". With that statement in mind, ASEE set up a list of goals:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Access
  • Advocacy and Public Policy
  • Communities
  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Strategic and dynamic organization


ASEE is a unique organization. The three main differences from other offerings are:

  • ASEE is the only engineering education organization dedicated to the professional needs of engineering educators across all disciplines.
  • ASEE is the only national convener of important influencers through avenues from engineering and engineering technology deans to associate deans and corporate leaders.
  • ASEE is the only convener of contest-winning high school students.


ASEE develops policies and programs that enhance professional opportunities for engineering faculty members and promotes activities that support increased student enrollments in engineering and engineering technology colleges and universities. Besides, ASEE takes an active role in informing public policy in the government and private sector. ASEE also provides a communication link among corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions.



At Ohio Northern University the ASEE student chapter sets up STEM Days for middle schoolers once a semester. STEM Day is an entire school day dedicated to STEM activities. It allows college students from all STEM areas on campus to get involved with younger students and inspire them to become the leading innovators of their generation.

Diversity Committee


2014-2015 was the year of action of diversity organized by the Diversity Committee of ASEE. This year had the goal “to enable all members of ASEE to have the tools to acknowledge and discuss current problems and provide resources to make oneself into an advocate to actively change the engineering climate.” From that year on, ASEE organizes each year an award for the best diversity paper.


Our members like to say "ASEE is Me" because of their strong identification with the society and what it represents. ASSE uses its extensive network to not only keep members updated on different opportunities, fellowships,andprograms</span>across the nation but to connect these people from these different places together. To a member ASEE is:

  • Opportunities
  • Innovative Methods
  • Networking
  • Resources
  • Effecting Change
  • Improving Teaching
  • Collaboration
  • Research Partnerships
  • Quality Publications
  • Valuing Teaching
  • Transforming Education
  • Managing Competing Priorities
  • Innovations
  • Professional Performance
  • Better Engineers
  • New Ideas

Benefits of being a member:

  • Publications:
    • subscription to Prism magazine
      • an award-winning magazine that features timely articles, cutting-edge technology, research breakthroughs, and important trends in engineering education
    • Journal of Engineering Education
    • First Bell
      • Email newsletter that keeps you up to date on all the latest engineering education news
  • Conferences:
    • Conferences are committed to fostering the exchange of ideas and information while enhancing teaching methods and curricula as well as providing prime networking opportunities.
      • Student members get free registration
      • Members get a substantial discount
  • Local Workshops:
    • Section and Zone activities and meetings allow you to participate in professional activities at the locallevel,and offer a chance for members to form regional networks of colleagues with common interests and goals.
  • Professional Interest Groups (Divisions):
    • Divisions are the pulse of ASEE. Members can choose from over 50 professional interest groups.
  • Resources & Tools:
    • As an ASEEmemberyou’ll have unlimited access to our Member-Only resources, tools, and content.
      • Search the electronic membership directory
      • Search for papers
      • Review faculty openings or fellowship opportunities
      • Read the latest issue of a publication
      • Scholarships for every level of education
      • Fellowships

Membership prices range from $10-100, depending on how much access you want or need. Educators and students have a drastically discounted rate compared to professionals. Regardless of how much one decides to contribute to the ASEE program, this society is extremely beneficial because it connects its diverse faculty, students, industry professionals and administrators to one another, providing each member with “a world of research and a wealth of information right at their fingertips”.


American Society for Engineering Education
1818 N Street, N.W., Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036-2479
Main Telephone: (202) 331-3500
Fax: (202) 265-8504 -

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