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Access Livelihoods Consultancy India Ltd. (ALC_INDIA), a social enterprise/an incubationcentre,  is working with economically marginalized people to enhance their income to have decent life. It was established in the year 2005. It provides professional services (like TII) to the undergraduates, who have zeal and exploring nature, and it mouldssuch students to an entrepreneur. Transforming India Initiative is a 2 yearsocial entrepreneurship fellowship programme which aims to establish more enterprises in India to check the challenging problems. More than 300 projects are handled by ALC. It works onDifferent communities like Forest Produce Gatherers, Weavers,Fisherfolks etc. in 17 states across India.

The main purpose of this organization is to catalyze entrepreneur in India.

Our Main Purpose is to :

1) incubate enterprises that the communities own, typically cooperatives or producer companies 
2) develop their technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills, as they move from being a producer to an entrepreneur.

It mainly focuses on:

  1. Connecting Investors and social enterprises
  2. Providing consultancy services on livelihoods
  3. Enables experimental Learning
  4. Entrepreneurial practice,  like fellows, directly works with CEO’s and founders

It's Strategy is to:

  1. work for the marginalized rather than the mainstream
  2. To optimise our returns rather than maximise
  3. To collaborate rather than compete
  4. To grow in impact rather than size

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

With its unique design, curriculum and structure, TII is a one-of-its kind programme in many ways. But there are two critical ways in which TII is different from other academic institutions offering programmes in social entrepreneurship:

  • Integration of education & incubation: Academic programmes offer classroom oriented training on entrepreneurship and incubation programmes provide on the ground support to build an enterprise from an idea. TII integrates both into a programme that provides classroom training, experiential learning, practitioner interactions and also end-to-end incubation support, including seed funding, for setting up an enterprise.
  • Space to discover, dream and design: Most social entrepreneurship and incubation programmes expect you to have an innovative idea for a social enterprise as you enter the programme. But a lot of youngsters don’t yet have an idea beyond wanting to do some good and benefit society. TII gives such fellows the space to understand the challenges, develop an entrepreneurial solution, test and evolve the design and establish an enduring enterprise.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

ALC Provide Fellowship program that can help the student to build a Startup, Incubate and Advocate.

After completion of 2 years of fellowship, fellows will be able to build enterprises. Collectively, these responsible enterprises will be addressed and systemically solve the challenges facing India today and ensure that all Indians can access a decent quality of living.

In 2005, Its very first year, ALC India designed a successful Rs. 1.5-crore mango value chain intervention for a farmers' federation.

1.Good conceptualism,ideation and visualisation capabilities

2.Expertise in online design tools

3.Experience in effectively navigating social media

4.Creating online videos and flash animation

5.Can work as a part of a team or individually with minimal supervision

6.Excellent written and oral communication skills in English

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

In 2005,two young men with bright ideas, a lot of passion for development work and very little money GV Krishna Gopal and G Satyadev were batchmates at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), batch 1999. In its Early stage, the founders have no money,no reputation,no established network. They struggled a lot to build an organization that would last beyond them. As it was more interested to work for marginalised, it projected some aims like

To change the following scales:

1. The richest 10% in India own 80% of its wealth.

2.A mere 27% of women participate in the labour force in India.

3.76% of children in India do not have access to higher education.

4.India is ranked 141 out of 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index.

They believe that changing these scales can be possible only by providing education to under privileged to sustain their livelihood. In order to meet its  aim, it has been providing various professional services like IIT, which cast a undergraduate to an entrepreneur.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

ALC India provides “Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship”, students can apply in this program and get fellowship on their campus. This initiative can be spread by the fellow members.

For more information on, How to be apply for Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship by ALC, contact :

Contact Information

To get more information about ALC_India , click on the following link To contact them,

on phone: 040 2453 2729,

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Written by: Deepak Kumar ; Sai Sravani ; Murali Krishna ; KrishnaVeni maram