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Hi, I’m Onesimus Morrison

Onesimus is a University Innovation Fellow from the spring 2015 cohort and currently a full-time student at La Salle University where he is an active project manager for a group called Enactus whose goal is to help spark innovation on La Salle’s campus.  Onesimus also works as a student supervisor at Aramark food services on campus.

With Enactus, Onesimus has already helped create the framework for an annual innovation competition to be held at La Salle in February for students to challenge themselves and each other, as well as test the boundaries of their creativity based on the concept of sustainability.   Working at Aramark, Onesimus has gained 2 years of experience working with a team to accomplish given tasks while applying his leadership skills which helped him become a student supervisor this year.

Onesimus can be reached by phone or e-mail: (267) 536-8092, oneseo.mora@gmail.com

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