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Zhiwen Wang is a University Innovation Fellow and a senior student studying Mathematics and Finance at Zhejiang University. His interest is the Ordinary Differencial Equations and some simple PDE, also the financial situation nowdays. Zhiwen used to study in the University of Science and Technology of China, majored in chemistry. But he changed his major and school in 2017, he went to ZJU, where he first exposed to the University Innovation Fellows.

At Zhejiang University, Zhiwen studies in the CKC honors college, and he is a vice-chairman of the student union. He devoted to make conveniences for all the students that involved. At free time, he always do some charity like teaching disabled chirden, giving classes to students who are in trouble with some math problems for free.

Any questions please contact him at jsnjwzw2000@gmail.com. He is willing to here from anybody.