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Zachary Jones is an Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation major at the University of Delaware. He is passionate about connecting student entrepreneurs and innovators on campus through the Entrepreneurship Club. As the president of this organization, he and the club encourage creativity,

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problem solving and interaction with a variety of activities. He works with the Executive Board and brings in entrepreneurs to speak to the club about their experiences and to connect with ambitious students. 

Zachary interned for a Calypso Communications where he learned about PR, marketing and content curation. He took these skills to Starting-11, a financial tech startup, and helped shape their digital marketing strategy. He researched competitors and found relevant content for the company to share. He’s recently fallen in love with writing on Medium and regularly blogs about business, ideas and lessons he’s learned. 

His passion for tennis and the power of sports led him to start a tennis camp in his town. He has since engaged more than 100 children over the course of the past two summers and taught them the basic skills of the game. 

In his free time, Zachary’s curiosity leads him to research new technologies. He has a particular interest in bitcoin, web development and design. To stay active, he enjoys playing soccer, tennis and basketball and surfing along the coast of New Hampshire and Maine. 

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