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    Xiaoying LUO is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying Tourism and Hospitality Management. She believes that inn

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ovation and entrepreneurship is everywhere, and definitely it will occur in science and technology, or in business and arts. As for the traditional hospitalityindustry, it does call for innovation, and she is struggling to make a change.

In Zhejiang University, she was involved in Chu kochen Honor’s college Student Union, and held “etiquette culture lecture”, “Four Honor Colleges Interexchange Activity of the Yangtze River Delta Area”, and made a 40-people group to Lan’guan primary school in Weng’an County, Guizhou Province to teach for two weeks which was admired by Zhejiang University and reported on the local television of Guizhou. Besides she is member of the Student Union of College of Management, she takes part in negotiating with sponsors to guarantee the activities in schools.

     She is interested in the innovation and entrepreneurship program where people can learn knowledge, skills and attitudes, and influence peers around them, and try to motivate people to make a difference.