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Xiaodi (Sara) Hu

Xiaodi (Sara) Hu is a University Innovation Fellow and she majors in physics, psychology and computer science at the University of Richmond. 

She has a passion in sciences and problem solving, and she is trained by her interests to be a rational thinker. She decided to double major in Physics and Psychology during her first year at U of R. The research experiences she got from both subjects in the past two summers facilitate her thinking as a scientist, which means to be not only detailed and objective, but also creative in a realistic way. The same experiences also reminds her of the importance of computer science in this era, then she decides to have a third major in Computer Science.

Outside of the class, she actively participates in different organizations that can make changes on campus such as the Student Government Associations and the International Students Ambassadors. Her greatest hobby is free writing, which serves as a way to relax and noting down all her creative thoughts. 

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