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Vignesha is a graduate researcher and innovator who strives to find novel and low-cost solutions for challenging problems since his school days. He is a visionary, strategist, entrepreneur and resource optimizer. He is good in analyzing a situation and quickly solving the issue. He comes from a family of teachers and very well understands how students work and likes teaching. He has a vast experience in training hundreds of students in the areas of robotics, communication and embedded systems. Additionally, he has led several students in the Electronics club at Sastra and Purdue Mechatronics club to achieve extraordinary projects.He has experience in working with healthcare technologies for developing countries like India. He recently won first prize in the BoilerMake 2015 Hackathon. His current interests are mechatronics, consumer electronics and connected health. His passion is to generate ideas which are innovative, global, revolutionary, and challenging and his passion drives him to serve the world. His current contribution to the university is the BoilerDriver Initiative, which aims to connect student innovators, allows them to interact across different departments and clubs, and provides a mainstream method for them to publicize their ideas through the university and on a global scale.

BoilerDriver Initiative

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