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Van is one of the five University Innovation Fellows at Smith College. She is currently a senior pursuing double major in Economics and Computer Science with a concentration in Global Financial Institutions. On campus, Van works at Lazarus Center for Career Development as a Peer Advisor and Center for Media Production as a Technology Consultant. She is also an Economics Teaching Assistant, student liaison at the Statistical & Data Sciences Department, and Vice President of Smith College Consulting Club.

Van has previous work experience in data management, research and investment banking. She is very interested in using business and quantitative skills as well as the design thinking approach to solve problems, especially in the field of technology and finance. Outside work and study, Van loves watching tennis, playing chess, learning ukulele and traveling.

Van hopes to give back and apply her personal insights to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Smith College. She wants to make a lasting impact by leading initatives to help fellow Smithies acquire necessary skills in a time that calls for innovation.

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