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                Uzair Mohammad is an innovative Bioengineering undergraduate and student leader at UC San Diego. With over 5 years of laboratory experience, Uzair’s passion for innovation and engineering lead him to develop his own start-up in 2012. With a patent on his water filtration technology, he now leads a group of student researchers in the start-up’s development.

                Based in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as San Diego, Uzair independently guided himself through many entrepreneurial channels to build his company. By reaching out to laboratories, colleges, and resources available to him in high school, and then navigating through UCSD’s entrepreneurship environment, Uzair is now a well-known figure in the school’s entrepreneurial circles.

               Uzair has 3 years of experience pitching and presenting his idea to investors, researchers, and public audiences. Winner of the 2013 Trinet Challenge, E-Challenge Elevator Pitch, Zahn Prize, and finalist in FLoW 2013 and 2014, Uzair’s presentations lead him to present at the 2014 TEDxUCSD as the University’s first ever undergraduate speaker.

               With hopes of growing his company and building a foundation for more like-minded students to do the same, Uzair hopes to streamline the process and guide more undergraduates through UCSD’s already extensive entrepreneurial environment by orienting and educating more of the student body, especially those outside of the engineering school. 

TEDxUCSD Presentation

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