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Tushaar Bhatt is a University Innovation Fellow from the Technical University Munich ans is studying Business Informatics in his Masters and he previously studied Business Informatics at TU Munich in his Bachelor's as well. He was born in India but grew up most of his life in Germany. In one of Germany's most innovative cities historically- Mannheim. The car, the bike, the lift and most importantly spaghetti ice cream were all invented in Mannheim.

Throughout his studies he was very active in TU Munich's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub UnternehmerTUM, where he participated in their Entrepreneurship Scholarship Manage&More while taking part in various projects and business plan seminars.

While studying he also shared his skills as a Microsoft Student Partner, a program created by Microsoft, to help students gain technical knowledge in particular fields which the students then share with their peers on campus.

This interaction ultimately motivated him to apply for the University Innovation Programme, as he could see how sharing the technological skills helps other students execute their ideas and further develop their prototypes.

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