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Trey Arnold is a First Class Cadet (senior) at the United States Air Force Academy studying Business Management and Spanish.  At USAFA, he is the 

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Cadet Group 4 Commander and the Chief Administrative Officer of the Association for Innovation (A4I) club, which consists of over 250 ambitious, innovative cadets.

In the past, Trey has buttressed his leadership abilities as a Squadron Commander for Basic Cadet Training, a Superintendent for Cadet Squadron 34, and a Chief Clerk for Cadet Group 1.  Furthermore, Trey has pursued his interests in innovation and entrepreneurship through serving as the VP for the Career Development branch of A4I, participating in the Fidelity DisCOver entrepreneurship challenge at the University of Denver, and joining the technology innovations course at USAFA.

Upon graduation, Trey hopes to be either a pilot or acquisitions officer for the Air Force.  In either of these roles, he hopes to inject a mindset of disruptive thought into all domains of the Department of Defense.  Trey aspires to dissolve the preconceived barriers that thwart innovation in the highly regimented military ecosystem.  Furthermore, he hopes to continue his studies of I&E through an MBA program that will allow him to leverage his graduate education to link world-class innovators with Department of Defense acquisition processes.


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