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Syed Fouz Ul Tariq is a University Innovation Candidate and an undergraduate student pursuing his Bachelors in Technology (Btech) in Information Technology fromGalgotia's College of Engineering and Technology (Gcet).
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His area of interest includes application development and networking & security. Fouz is originally from Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) where he lived till 2012 and then moved to Delhi for his higher education and resides there till date.

From a very young age, computers and Technology is something which has always fascinated him hence he chose his carrier path in Information Technology. He has worked and participated in various computer based projects. Apart from being good at academics he also is very fond of Football ( Soccer) and was selected into the school football team.

UIF Spring 2018

Team members:

Shivank Gahlot

Akshat Khare

Vaishnavi Johri