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Chalamcharla Lakshmi Sudeepa is a University Innovation Fellow,She is student at Sri Vasavi Engineering College completing her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.She has a keen interest to complete her masters in Business Administration,Her career vision is to become an Entrepreneur.She Learnt Indian Classical music and take pleasure in listening music and she always been a very creative person,find it relaxing to indulge in craft activities such as Do It Yourself (DIY) Activities.She is an extrovert,good planner and never give up attitude helps to achieve her goals invariably.She attended many workshops such as Google Android Developement,MEAN Stack Technology,Argumental Reality.

Her Interests are:

  • Entrepreneur skills: Focus,Learn,Communicate,Leadership and motivation,Resiliency
  • Trying Something new:Create,Discover,Learn
  • Learning new things by teaching someone else ,sharing knowlege and change it up.
  • Exploring world to taste new dishes,learn new culture and lifestyle,clothing,languages,learn history.
  • Problem Solving and find the best solution by eliminating the negatives.
  • Seminars and presentations to share her knowlege.

She serves as a torchbearer for a English communication Club named "Orators" of Sri Vasavi Engineering College which benefits many students in enhancing english communication and provides the platform to share their views as well as experiences.She believes for every Science Student the ratio of Technical Knowledge and Communicational Skills must be equal to face any challenge.She motivates students to interact with each other and find new opportunities.She is a member of "Entrepreneurship and Development Club" Of Sri Vasavi Engineering College.


  • She won many competitions in her schooling for her meritorious talent.
  • Silver Medalist In International Informatics Olympiad
  • District Second In Gnana Bheri For Group Discussion
  • First Place In Skilltroniks Technical Fest For Presentation
  • She Won Events Such as debates,group discussions,tech talks,presentations at various college fest and engineers day events.

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