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Srdjan Dragovic is a University Innovation Fellow and and a medical student at the Technical University of Munich. He is originally from Belgrad/Serbia and emigrated with his parents in ’99 to Munich. After finishing High School, started studying civil engineering in Munich at TUM. Since medicine was a childhood dream he pursued to get a place in MedSchool in Munich which he accomplished after finishing his bachelor degree as an engineer. Srdjan is researching automated signal processing methods for neurophysiological signals pursuing a doctoral degree in medicine.

During his time in engineering school he was active in the student council and was teaching in various programs. Being passionate about teaching he is currently working on improving the teaching methods in medical school as an eScout. The aim of the eScout Initiative is bringing new teaching methods and technologies into MedSchool and thereby improving the learning experience for students.

In his free time Srdjan enjoys hiking, biking and other outdoor sports. Thinking outside the box and looking over the edge is elementary, he enjoys talks about topics he is not familiar with and is always eager to learn new things, looking for new challenges and goals.

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