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Siwatu is a University Innovation Fellow working with Epicenter leaders at Stanford University and VentureWell (formerly NCIIA) to ensure all students graduate with an entrepreneurial mindset. [Fall, 2014] A... and is a management intern at Loveland Technologies, a start-up, where he works to keep an accurate account of Detroit property conditions in order combat blight. A recent graduate with a Manufacturing Associates degree and a Business Management Bachelor degree [Winter, 2014] from Wayne State University, Siwatu has worked in the oil and gas industry in Houston, TX, begun to explore the world of start-up creation, data science and Python programming.

As a University Innovation Fellow, Siwatu plans to develop a new entrepreneurship curriculum designed to open I&E to students of all majors without interdisciplinary pre-requisites. The new entrepreneurship curriculum, tentatively known as Innovative Curriculum for Entrepreneurship, will offered as a certificate, minor or as general electives. Siwatu hopes that his post-graduate efforts will lead to a crop of new ventures created by Wayne State University students. 

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