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"Whenever someone asks me what my passion is, I like to related it back to an analogy. Say that you are
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surrounded by darkness, but inside you, you feel this light that is glowing from within. Soon, other people start to notice and they strive to
understand it. The more they learn the more lights start to develop within them. Soon this will spread and create a whole sea of light and inspiration unlike any before. What I mean by this is that sometimes there can be struggling or "darkness". If you bring your light, inspiration, and motiviation, you can help someone else find their own light. It is important to not only strive to make yourself better, but to also help others along the way."

Sierra Kennelly is studying Marketing at IUPUI. She is currently a Resident Assistant for IUPUI Housing and Residence Life. When Sierra first came to college, she thought she wanted to be a Physical Therapist. Her family and friends told her that this is what would be best for her. It took some time for Sierra to realize that she needed to think about herself and not just what others wanted of her. It was at that point that she came to find marketing as what she really wanted to do.Throughout Sierra's journey, she may have lost the stereotypical glam and glory of putting the title "Dr." in front of her name but that was not what really important to her. She needed to find something that she loved and that reflected her skills. Sierra believes that because she found her passion, she can now make a difference in her lifetime.

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