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Shabienska Achil is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying Political Science at Binghamton University. Shabienska is originally from Baldwin, New York, where she explores her many talents and abilities. From competing at a Junior Olympic level on the Long Island Express swim team, to sharing her passion for classical piano by tutoring others to play this instrument,  to interning at Nassau County’s Surrogate Court in Mineola, New York, Shabienska never fails to be an active participant in whatever she does. After completing this internship, Shabienska searched for other programs that promoted collaboration. This is when she was exposed to the University Innovation Fellows.

At Binghamton University Shabienska is involved in a plethora of different organizations. She is a general body member of the X-Fact’r step team where she  competes in an ancient African form of dance called stepping. She is an aspiring  member of Binghamton University’s NAACP. In addition, she is an active member in SHADES, an organization on Binghamton’s campus that promotes acceptance and collaboration.  In her spare time, she continues her old passion of swimming and practices with the University’s varsity swim team.

Shabienska constant participation in various programs has made her well emerged in the art of collaboration. She constantly discovers new ways to bring her different academic and social talents together and the University Innovation Fellows allows this aspect of her character to thrive. On her campus, she is interested in bringing together students of different backgrounds so they too can collaborate and expand their talents across many disciplines.