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Savanna Turner is a first year freshman at Sierra College. After completing her General Education she plans to studyBiomedical Engineering at University of California San Diego. She has high hopes for her future planning to get a Masters to become a Prosthetic Practitioner and Doctorate in Biomechatronics and intends on spending her life doing what she is most passionate about, designing and building prosthetics.

At the age of 15 Savanna was invited to attend the Summer Youth Program at Shriners Hospital for Children in Northern California where she was able to see prosthetics being built and delivered to real patients which only further enhanced her love for prosthetics.

Since this great opportunity she has been brainstorming ideas to redesign the prosthetic socket, because she saw the high need for this product. She is current in the prototyping stages of her design and hopes to have her first patent within a year.

She decided to join University of Innovation Fellows because of her love for the STEM field and desire to bring more females into the field. She was also driven to become a part of this program because of her belief that math needs to become more hands on teaching all types of learners.

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