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Hi friends! My name is Sarah and I am studying Marketing and Design at Lancaster University in the UK. Together with two other fellows, we went through the fall 2018 training and for us it feels like our journeys have only just begun. 

From a very young age, I have always been fascinated by how things work and solving problems. Growing up, I was heavily involved in anything to do with art and design, after studying product design for four years at my high school I knew this was my passion.

On campus, the project I am working on is to educate student leaders who are already in a position to influence students. I’ll do this by introducing them to new creative styles of thinking, along with showing them the value of creating a business model canvas. I believe these tools can be used as an aid to structure their efforts and ensure that the progress they are making is sustainable. I hope that like-minded students will get the chance to build communities and improve their creative confidence. 

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