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My name is Sarah Rozman and I am a senior studying Interior Architecture at James Madison University.  I am very passionate about allowing everyone to understand design and giving people the resources to learn from it and also as a designer being able to learn from others.  I think I fully grasp design's influence on the world and on other disciplines and I can bring this knowledge to other people and their work.  

I will be continuing my education to receive my masters in Architecture in the fall and would love to continue my relationship with NCIIA through that education to allow NCIIA to benefit my, and others education as well.

I am passionate about leadership on my campus and I feel that a strong group of us leaders can make a difference.  I am a member of the A2ru emerging creative organization which also focuses on interdisciplinary work.  I am the president of the design club at my school and I have brought many societies, including AIAS to my university to allow for people to benefit from this. 

I look forward to learning from other innovators and leaders at universities and I hope I can bring a new collaborative and innovative work to James Madison University 

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