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Sarah Jones is a Howard University senior from Prince George's County, Maryland. She will graduate from her beloved institution with a BS in Computer Science in May 2015. At Howard, Sarah has actively participated in organizations that encourage underrepresented populations of people to pursue careers in STEM with the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers. Her personal mission is to find out what hold back minorities from reaching the highest levels of academia and address these problems in order to level the playing field between white and nonwhite professionals. This search for equality and examination of culture has exposed her to the immense amount of untapped potential and high intelligence in neglected minorities. She has found that these groups have the most innovative solutions to the world's largest problems and a thirst for knowledge that is hardly quenched. This led to her to live by the mantra "just ask." Through the University Innovation Fellowship, Sarah has the opportunity and platform to "just ask" students what they would do if they had unlimited resources to solve problems in the world. The answers to this question keep her excited about the future of innovation and entrepreneurship in the lives of young minorities.

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