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Sandeep is an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond, VA and a member of the very first UIF leadership circle on his campus -the EntrepreneURs. Born and raised in the urban city of Karachi, Pakistan and as a former alum of the United World College movement, he has deep interests in global politics and international affairs. In fact, he is currently double majoring in Poltical Science and Economics and is actively involved in many politics related and public speaking clubs and organizations on campus. During his free time, Sandeep can be found serving and working with the Richmond community and members of the surrounding local vicinity which is why he joined the Omicron Phi chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, during his freshman year in 2018. Sandeep also believes in the power of stories and art in creating social change, where he loves writing and performing his own poetry centred around human experiences at monthly Open Mic nights on his campus. He is also very passionate about creating original dance and theatricial pieces that stem from a range of social challenges our society is facing today.

As one of the founding UIFs at the University of Ricmond, Sandeep hopes to bridge the gap between students and faculty by ensuring that student voice is actively heard when new courses or other academic programs/curriculmns are designed. He also hopes to work with the Faculty Hub over the next few years in helping foster an environment of "sharing, caring, and learning" amongst the faculty, whereby other faculty actively partake in improving their teaching and making their courses more innovative. His work in collaboration with the Faculty Hub will also involve forming a medium where access to resources and support needed for these teaching or course improvemnet/innovation changes are readily available. Sandeep's, like his leadership circle, is a strong believer in the motto "We dream, we can!" and strives to work hard to make his campus better by ensuring that both student and faculty needs are adequately met.

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