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Samuel Fay is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Economics at Creighton University's Heider College of Business. His primary focuses include the application of human cultural and psychological understanding to increase the effectiveness of groups, with the purpose of accomplishing value-driven goals as well as streamlining his own leadership style.

Samuel was born and raised in Kansas City, moving to Omaha, NE to continue his studies. Once at Creighton, Samuel became involved with the Financial Managers Association, participated in colloquiums for the Institute for Economic Inquiry, led an ideation team to final pitch presentations at the Three Day Startup, and fortified his innovation skills through numerous projects and collaborations with the Creighton and Omaha communities. 

With a natural proclivity for effective leadership and adaptability, Samuel has embodied the I&E spirit since he could pronounce the word "create". His mission is to play to his strengths and to pursue real value above all else. He has a love for traveling to unfamiliar and new environments to sharpen his communication and adaptability skills, and to use his abilities to make a better world for future generations.