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Saleha Muhammad is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Accounting in Abu Dhabi University. Saleha is a passionate learner and observer. After exploring the possible career path, she chose to pursue her bachelors in the University of Abu Dhabi. Being actively involved in both academic and co-curricular activities, she was chosen by the faculty for the University Innovation Fellows program.

Using the skills and knowledge that she learned through University Innovation Fellows, Saleha has co-organized and hosted a design thinking event with other fellow for Abu dhabi University students to design the future of makerspaces on campus.  Students from many different majors across campus were brought together, introduced to the Design Thinking process. 

Saleha was trained as a University Innovation Fellow in Fall 2018, and attended the Silicon Valley and eastern hemisphere meetup in March 2019.

She is currently the president of the student council, who is committed to execute student council events and ensure that students' opinions and concerns are heard at every level. She has also worked as a course assistant in the university college to improve first-year students' experience on campus. In addition, she is a tutor in the learning support center, where she helps students in various college courses.

Saleha can speak upto five languages fluently and is currently learning Turkish. Saleha also loves to travel and explore new cultures. During her leisure time, she bakes and she has also thought of starting an online business to sell her handmade desserts.