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Sudanapalli Sai Srinivas Revanth

Name : Sudanapalli Sai Srinivas Revanth Date of Birth : 9th day of 1998, Aged:23 Years

Place of Birth : Guntur, India

Parents : Veeranjaneyulu Sudanapalli & Aadi Naga Lakshmi

Sister : Preethi Sudanapalli

Citizenship: Indian

Countries Visited : USA & UK(At Present) - Leicester.

Educational Background: Master's in Data Analysis In Business Intelligence With Industry At University of Leicester In United Kingdom (At Present)

Bachelors In Electronics and Communication Engineering At Narasaropeta Engineering College

Intermediate With M.P.C At Narayana Junior College

High School At Sri Chaitanaya Techno School

Phone Number: +44 77766 95225

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