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Saad Syed is a Mechanical Engineering student at Wichita State University. Born and raised in Pakistan, Saad migrated to the United States with

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 in 2000 at the age of 10. He started his first job at the age of 16 and since then has accumulated experiences in Information Technology, Engineering, Business, and Fine Arts. Currently, he is a Collaboration Technology Specialist with Koch Business Solutions, LP where his job is to design and implement collaborative technology for Koch Industries and its employees.

Saad's interest in UIF sparked when one of his professors mentioned the program in class. Through his high school career, Saad had been involved in many student organizations that worked towards social causes and helping students gain a better understanding of the different industries the real world had to offer. He was heavily involved with organizations that focused on teaching entrepreneurship and leadership in manner that would ultimately bring change to the world. When the opportunity for UIF was mentioned, he immediately jumped on board to become a part of an organization that wants to change the very dynamic of how change can actually be implemented in a positive and effective manner.  He loves his work and his studies in engineering as a career but his true passion lies in the field of Fine Arts. He is a photographer in his free time and is most passionate about capturing images that tell stories. His lifelong dream is to use his love of photography and other fine arts mixed with his professional experience as a means of invoking innovative change all around the world.  His family and friends are most important to him and know him as a photographer, a singer and a guitarist, an aspiring engineer, an entrepreneur, and dependable person.

If you want to get in touch with Saad, feel free to email him at saadsyedphotography@gmail.com.  

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