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Raj Shah is a Human Physiology Major at the University of Oregon, minoring in chemistry. He is undertaking the pre-med track with his main focus being research and surgery. A general chemistry and biology tutor, he loves finding new ways to teach incoming freshman about chemistry and general sciences. As well as volunteering at local hospitals, he enjoys to play volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. Through clubs and organizations on campus I was able to find the University Innovatino Fellow Program.

Working in a Neurophysiology lab on campus, he has garnered a passion for research as well as advancement of research technology. He conducts experiments on mice to explore the neural pathways associated with auditory cognition. Through this lab he was able to explore his passion for surgery by being able to perform surgeries on mice as well as be a behavioural trainer. Being in this lab allowed him to explore the anatomy and physiology behind medical pratices and innovation in medicine. From a very young age, inspired by his father, he wanted to become a physican. He dedicated to helping people and advancing medicine for the advancement of the human race.

Making a long-lasting impact on the medical community through innovation and research is a main goal he wants to accomplish 

with help from the knowledge he gains through UIF. The UIF program has allowed him to be able to connect with members 
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of the science community here on campus and encourage communication and collaboration through mutual interests.

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