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Peter-Christian Kirchgaesser profile picture.jpg
Peter-Christian Kirchgaesser
School (Cohort)
Iona College (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Early education
United States of America


Peter-Christian Kirchgaesser is an undergraduate student at Iona University, Class of 2025, studying Early Education. He is from Bronxville, New York, and has made Iona his second home.

During his freshman year, Peter-Christian enrolled in an introductory class on entrepreneurship, and he immediately became more curious about this field. During this course, Peter-Christian found himself inquiring more and more about entrepreneurship with his professor. His keen interest in this field and his hard work during his internship caught the attention of his professor. Thanks to this professor, Peter-Christian Kirchgaesser was nominated to be a candidate for the University Innovation Fellows Program.

At Iona university, Peter is involved in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. 

And was elected the vice president of finance. He is also involved in presenting the idea of a Harry Potter club, which is in the process of getting approval from the SGA. Peter was appointed secretary of the club.

Peter enjoys actively volunteering for a variety of activities on campus. He is always willing to help someone, offer advice and provide creative solutions to various situations. From an early age, Peter worked during the summer at Future Stars Camp at SUNY Purchase. It is here where Peter discovered his love of working with children and decided to follow a career in early education.

Peter believes that every child learns at their own pace and should have fun learning. Conquering his own learning challenges has given Peter the compassion that is needed in teaching. He is looking forward to giving back to a profession that has helped him in so many ways.


Vice President of Finance for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

Secretary of the Harry Potter

Social media profiles

Iona University 2025 Future Teacher

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