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Founder and CEO at Genetesis

Co-Founder and CSO at Proscia

Biomedical Science Student and Researcher at Ohio State University

Peeyush Shrivastava, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Genetesis, is a 2nd year student in the prestigious undergraduate Biomedical Science Program, and a recently named University Innovation Fellow at The Ohio State University. He is a University Innovation Fellow working to extend the Innovation and Entreprneurship Ecosystem at The Ohio State University through a set of carefully developed technical initiatives, meant to provide incubator support for student and faculty innovation. 

Peeyush was an Intel Science Talent Search Semifinalist, Thiel Fellowship Finalist, and General Electric Star Award winner. He has a technical background in molecular biophysics and electrophysiology research, and he has presented his findings on the molecular mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias across the country.

An ambitious and dedicated scientist and entrepreneur, Peeyush works tirelessly to ensure that no one face the situation his grandfather did, suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, dementia, severe depression and cardiac physiology deficiencies.

Peeyush uses his technical experience in biomedical research in order to promote an interdisciplinary environment within his funded companies, and has recruited a team of young, visionary scientists and engineers in order to achieve the ultimate goal of personalized medical care for the masses. He is a medical biotech entrepreneur, a passionate scientist, and a dreamer with a mission to empower physicians and scientists with the data toolkit that will one day save his grandfather, and those suffering a similar fate.

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