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Oluwaseun Ojimi is a University Innovation Fellow and undergraduate student at Morgan State University (MSU) with a major in Civil Engineering. He is currently a senior, prospectively graduating in May 2017. His concentrations consist of structural design and geotechnical engineering. Oluwaseun is Originally from Osun State, Nigeria, where he lived until he moved with his family to the United State for college. While at Baltimore City Community College (BCCC), Oluwaseun received numerous awards for his academic excellence. After discovering his potential and passion for engineering at BCCC, Oluwaseun transferred to Morgan State University to pursue a degree in civil engineering to better prepare him and create exposure for his intended career. There he was introduced to University Innovation Fellows. As a civil engineering student, Oluwaseun has had experience in fracture mechanics relating to the behavior of heterogeneous and viscoelastic roadway paving materials. His experience stems from research work at Whittier Research Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln,  Nebraska where computational models of heterogeneous roadway materials specifically, asphaltic mixture were developed in order to understand in order to understand and examine the modeling accuracy of multiple microstructures for general 3-D asphalt concrete mixtures with fracture damage. Oluwaseun also retains experience in steel design project at Morgan State University. In the same manner, he has obtained experience outside of his concentration which involves the Atmospheric Science related research project at Howard University. With all his passion and hard-work, in 2016 Oluwaseun became the recipient of Society of America Military Engineers-Post Baltimore (SAME) scholarship award, and he is currently serving as the president for the SAME-student post at Morgan State University.

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