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School:Boise State University

What they do now:Pursues an MS in Anthropology with a minor in Native and Indigenous studies as well as a Intermediate Spanish Certificate. They work in an archaeology based ethnobotany lab at Boise State. As well as being a student peer educator in through the University Foundations program.

Contact them about: Social Justice, Making, Rock hounding, and Foraging

Email: ollieshannon@u.boisestate.edu

Bio:Ollie is a grassroots organizer with 16 years of experience working in varied communities to organize, educate, and motivate people to realize the power they hold, how to effectively use that power to positively affect social change. Ollie is a Boise State Student pursuing a degree in Anthropology with minors in Native American Studies and Spanish.Ollie’s ultimate goal is to teach Anthropology at the collegiate level. They will be attending Graduate school in the fall at Boise State pursuing a degree in Public Anthropology through the interdisciplinary studies program, They believe that bringing anthropology, history and biology to the people (especially young people) is the best way to create an atmosphere of protection and thoughtfulness for Idaho and the greater world’s cultural and ecological heritage.