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Olivia is a University Innovation Fellow and a current undergraduate studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Delaware, with minors in Horticulture and Art. She decided to pursue Landscape Architecture after being exposed to James Corner Field Operations and Piet Oudolf's designs on the High Line in Manhattan's west side. Olivia was exposed to University Innovation Fellows by peer and former University Innovation Fellow Maggie Heffernan. 

On campus, Olivia is on the executive board for DeLA, the University of Delaware Landscape Architecture club, and also involved with the University of Delaware Design and Articulture Club, which is responsible for creating an exhibit in the Philadelphia Flower Show which is seen annually by 250,000 individuals. She has worked for the University as a teaching assistant for Foundations of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Studio, as well as creating the 2016 Year In Review for the Landscape Architecture Undergraduate Program. Aside from Landscape Architecture, Olivia is also a graphic designer and created all print and digital media for Breaking Urban: Designing for the Community, a 2017 symposium run by the BSLA program at UD. She has also created many flyers, posters and presentations both for her own work as well as the BSLA program and her work as a designer at Evolution Landscape Design. 

Olivia loves art in two and three dimensions and has been studying art in some capacity since she was very young. She is recently fascinated by sculpture and experienced with a CNC router, woodworking saws and sanders, MIG welder, and other wood and metalworking tools. She is also experienced with charcoal, graphite, ink, acrylic and watercolors, collage, ceramics, and to some degree digital art using Photoshop and Illustrator. Her next art experimentation she hopes will be with printmaking. 

In her free time Olivia can be found wandering around her town, going on explorations, collecting too many thrifted sweaters, making art, creating salves, perfumes and tinctures from foraged botanicals, cooking extravagant meals with her friends or just laying in the sun and enjoying the day. 

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