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Nybria Ivy Acklin is a senior with a major in sociology, a minor in economics and interest in Mandarin Chinese. She is a candidate for the University

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Innovation Fellowship in addition to a participant in her college’s Student-Faculty partnership program, and Teaching Assistant for a Hip-Hop pedagogy course at a neighboring research university. Nybria has a strong leadership and service track record which first came about in her junior year of high school when she found her passion for helping to combat racial disparities in education. Since then, she has done work in other forms of service including working for her college town’s local  non-profit organization and becoming her chair of the her college’s student-government Social Justice and Equity committee during her junior year of college. During her free time, Nybria continues her passion for music and dance through her various commitments to a-cappella and dance performances through the academic year. What Nybria hopes to bring during her commitment to UIF is the eye for a true interdisciplinary experience; she hopes to show others that interest in engaging innovation and technology work can also be attainable to humanities and social science nerds.

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