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Nishant Verma

Nishant Verma is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying Bioengineering at Rice University. He specializes in electronics and electrical engineering and believes in the impact of health
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and medical technologies in improving the human condition. He works well in fast-paced teams, leveraging on a breath of technical knowledge and creativity. As a fan of the theatre and an actor, he draws lessons from actor training in his everyday work. Acting experiences enhance the way he works in teams, carries himself, and empathizes with others. This keen sense of empathy motivates him to contribute to the fields of health and medical technologies.

Nishant is also passionate about integrating the spirit of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) in K-12 and undergraduate education. He has produced For The Love of Science (https://youtu.be/vBac11vfuXQ), an eclectic blend of science and drama to spark a sense of curiosity in elementary school students. Nishant enjoys maker event which foster a sense of "Yes We Can!". He has organized a hardware hackathon, DeCONSTRUCT (https://blog.science.edu.sg/2015/01/21/tinker-teen-nishant-verma/), where Grade 7 - 12 student took apart old hardware and turned them into fascination new inventions including a musical spark gap, automatic guitar player, and 3D scanner. Nishant looks forward to increasing participation in the spirit of I&E amongst students.

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