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Nisha Sridhar is a human physiology major and a ethics minor at the Robert D. Clark Honors College of the University of Oregon.  She is a recipient of the nationally prestigious, Stamps Leadership Scholarship. She is passionate about using innovation and entrepreneurship to improve health outcomes for young children.  She is also passionate about fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and inclusivity in Innovation and Entreprenuership scene at the University of Oregon.

At the University of Oregon, she is involved as research assistant in the Stress Neurobiology and Prevention (SNAP) Lab.  At the SNAP Lab, they study the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences on the development of key neurobiological systems during infancy and early childhood. She is working on a study examining neural indicators of parental warmth using electroencephalogram (EEG), a neuroimaging technique which measures electrical activity of the brain.  

She is also a research assistant at Oregon State University where she is researching programs and practices for children at-risk for or in foster care.  The research project is the creation of a database of programs of practices to be used by members of the Oregon community and beyond who serve this population. She researched relevant mental, sexual, and nutritional health programs for this population and is collaborating with others to transform this research into a form that is usable and accessible to the community.  

She is a part of the leadership team bringing TEDxUOregon to life.  She is leading a student team to facilitate student engagement in this event.  She also founded and is co-leading University of Oregon’s first ethics bowl to provide students an interdisciplinary opportunity to apply their knowledge of ethics and philosophy to real-world problems.  She is also leading efforts to pass legislation that would mandate education on organ donation in the state of Oregon for high school students. She has supported the drafting of this legislation and is working on passing during 2019 legislative session.  


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