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Nicholas Dingler

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Nicholas Dingler is a young man who sees himself as the MLK Jr. of this century, but not for racism;

instead, for innovation. He works passionately to extract individuals' inner creativity and motivate people to innovate. Nicholas

started in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a predicament that could have been extremely improved. That discouraged him but

did not stop him. Since a young boy he was looked at as an outsider for thinking in a way that no one else had yet thought. This

rapid path of innovation stayed with Nicholas through out grade school and high school and is still with him today as a collegiate.

Nicholas Dingler does not work to bring innovation out of others for profit or financial success but it is what he believes he was born

to do and it is his passion. Nicholas finds pleasure in collaborating with others to spark new ideas and improve community, regional,

national, and global issues. I am Nicholas Dingler.