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Nick Aversano has always been passionate about education and learning since his public schooling never quite matched up to his independent learning adventures.

He is from northern New Jersey and currently a senior Computer Science major at the University of Maryland. At the University of Maryland, he coaches Design Thinking at the Academy for Innovation and Entrepenurship and is the Director of Mentorship at the Startup Shell, an on-campus student-run non-profit incubator/co-working space. He also ran a few learn-to-code workshops (http://makesomething.cool/) and created an open-source API for his universities data (http://umd.io/). He thinks that learning to program is really awesome and is always excited when new people want to give it a whirl.

He started programming in the 4th grade because wanted to make games. He's been playing guitar since 6th grade and has recently started learning piano. While working, he typically jams out to Alternative Rock and Classic Rock. He likes to maintain a beginner's mindset, knowing that if he's not good at something he can work at it to get better.

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