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Nicholas Kratovil is a University Innovation Fellows candidate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA. He is a mechanical engineering student that is also pursuing a minor in business. Nicholas is originally from Monson, MA, and went to school with a passion for engineering and a drive to help others. While at WPI, he was urged by a professor to apply to the program because of his work in a class that focused on project-based learning and using engineering to help others.

At WPI, Nick is involved with Club Golf and works as a tutor through WPI's Academic Resources Center. He has also been an inetgral part in reviving the Pre-Law Society and currently serves as its Vice President.

Nick aims to use his higher educaiton to benefit others and hopes to serve the community one day. An aspiring attorney, his ultimate goal is to be a champion of the people through innovation and creativity; his ambition drives him forward and is integral in using his knowledge to help others.

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