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Natalia is a Senior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Advertising with a Minor in Entrepreneurship. Natalia has been an entrepreneur since birth. Well, almost. When she was seven years old, Natalia began making beaded bracelets for herself and her family. At the age of fourteen, she transformed this hobby into a jewelry business as a way to avoid getting a standard high school part-time job. In the fall of 2013, Natalia realized that it was time to take Artwear Designs into a new direction. She loved art, and she especially loved fashion. Natalia wanted to bring these two together in a new, innovative way. In the Spring of 2014, she teamed up with a co-founder to re-brand and re-launch Artwear Designs as an art-based apparel brand. Artwear Designs works with young, undiscovered artists and prints their original artwork on men and women's apparel. The company not only serves as a marketing and exposure platform for young artists, but also as a way to make art accessible and affordable for millennials.

Natalia has served as the Fellowship Director for the Kairos Society, and is currently the Kairos NC Regional President. She has been on the steering committee for Global Entrepreneurship at UNC for the past year, and is currently on this year's committee. Natalia was one of five students to be granted a New York Innovation Fellowship for a summer internship at a startup in NYC for summer 2014. She sits on the Chancellor's Student Innovation Team and is working to connect entrepreneurship at UNC with her local community.