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Hi, I'm Nadia Kiamilev. Check out some of my interests and past experiences below. 

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I Enjoy Doing and Have Done:

  • interdiscplinary collaboration
  • user oriented thinking
  • digging deeper and finding the real problem
  • questioning
  • challenging the status quo
  • making

I Study: Computer science along with a handful of other miscellaneous courses in the business school.

Past Activities:

  • Delhack - UD's first multi-company sponsored hackathon raising over $8,000 in funding
  • WITIsrael - A week long conference based in Tel Aviv for women entrepreneurs in tech
  • Grace Hopper - Conference for women in tech
  • 'A professional intern' - 3 summers in the Bay Area in tech, 1 semester in Norway at a design agency

I believe in user oriented thinking and digging deeper to find the real problem. What are the true needs and values? I enjoy finding the answer to this question because I believe that what a user wants can different than what a user needs. A computer science student beginning to explore the discipline of design, I find myself often enjoying roles at the intersection of tech, design, and business. 

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