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Mridul Bhandari is a senior in the Schreyer Honors College at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Chemical Engineering and Economics and minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship, Six Sigma, and Mathematics. She fell in love with entrepreneurship early on. During her high school career in a boarding school in India, she had initially chosen Business to be her path -- but switched to Science during her Junior year of high school because she decided that mixing the two worked better for her.

As a student working on her own start up, she has realized the issues for entrepreneurship up close. She hopes to remove the obstacles of starting a company, and wants to make many resources readily available to Penn State students. She is also currently working on increasing the uptake of the Entrepreneurship minors at Penn State. She hopes to make Penn State the go-to university for those interested in Entrepreneurship.

In her free time, she scrapbooks and works on her business.

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