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Mihir Pershad is an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying biochemistry and entrepreneurship.

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As a student pursuing a science degree, Mihir has had the opportunity to participate in scientific research, gaining substantial hands-on experience in academic biomedical research over the past three years.  Mihir has practiced problem-based thinking regularly in this capacity and has developed an inquisitiveness that drives him to question why procedures and systems are set up the way they are.  He has also developed an appreciation for analyzing data and data-driven solutions.

In 2013, Mihir was first exposed to entrepreneurship when he co-founded a non-profit organization named SUCCEED to address problems in grade 6-12 STEM education.  Over the past three years, Mihir has learned firsthand the excitement and struggles of being an entrepreneur.  Since starting his journey as an entrepreneur, Mihir has become highly involved with the entrepreneurship ecosystem at UNC and in the Research Triangle community.

Mihir committed to becoming a University Innovation Fellow because he wants to improve the system of higher education at his university and at universities across the United States.  After personally experiencing how engaging in entrepreneurship changed his educational path and his life aspirations, Mihir wants to ensure that other students have the opportunity to engage in and experience entrepreneurship.  He believes that problem-based thinking, data-driven solutions thinking, along with several other entrepreneurial skills can be employed in classes to better prepare students for their careers.

Mihir is passionate about encouraging innovation and promoting entrepreneurship.  He believes that, with the resources and support system to empower them, anyone can harness the power of entrepreneurial thinking to create a positive change in their community and in the world.  If you are interested in talking to him, please send him an email at mpershad@unc.edu.

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